Monday, February 14, 2011

Our love story - Love notes

Take a deep breath and close
your eyes then tell me
what do you see do you see me? 

Cause that’s what I do when
I’m alone I close my eyes
and select what I see I'll try
to imagined the thing's that
i've always want it to be
although I know that those thing's
are only exist in my fantasy
but all that I've want is to make
them come true

You know when you we’re a kid
do you believe in  fairytales?
A love tales story which every
girl's always dream about specially
the part where the princess
found her belove'd prince
and that the two of them
will finally be together live'd happily
ever and after

But sadly those such thing's
has  never get to  happened
in real life and when we're talking
about reality a word’s happy
is doesn’t seem'd  to exist
in the vocabulary of my life

As I almost stop believing in love
for true love are no longer exist
in this world

There was a time I'm all alone
I was sitting next to the window
of my bedroom I look deep into the sky
and then I saw one bright star
as it seem’s shining over me

I asked the sky, why  do star’s
shining so bright tonight?
could it possibly because someone
out there perhap’s is also looking
at the same bright star?

So I asked the sky again is there
even any possibility that a two
person from the two different
side of world would found love
in each other?

Who know’s there is a biggest
chances that they both
we're mean't to be together

Then one day as I met you
out there in a one summer
for hours we sat and talked
to each other like old friends
we were I remember funny
that I could find love
in a perfect stranger

We’re both are just like a young
and inlove teenager sharing each
other’s honestly feelings

And I've tell this to myself
knowing you in my life is like
a dreams  that come true to me

I’ve thanked god for everything
and for making my wish come true
as I’ve already found someone
that I could called a special lover

All i can say is I felt  like I am the most
happy person on this earth
as now you and I could share
each and every precious
moment together

Sweetheart, I want you to know
this I just wanna spend mylife
with you cause you are the one
that makes me smile I just wanna
spend mylife with you

You are my dream my love my life..

 "Two lover's born into this life
        each born alone half of a whole"

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