Monday, February 14, 2011

Dream Beach

I can only Imagine our very first hug
it would be an early walk at dream beach
the cold fresh air are blowing over us
from across the sea

You say oh my darling this place is beautiful
after that we picked up some shell
that tide left behind and at one such moment
the wind would play through your hair
and freeze its beauty in my mind forever

Then at one moment I heard you
calling me to go to you
come and check this one darling!

And in your hand would be a shell
as our eyes would meet and little
smile for what we share slowly
I close your hand with shell inside
your fingers are hiding it from the sea
then I say now make a wish my angel

After that you make a wish and wish
for a hug a big, big hug from your hero
and just want to feel it the way
you had always imagine it to be
with your heart beating faster
and say please, please my prince darling
just this time I want you close

Then for no reason the cold sea wind
stop it’s hold your skin and you feel
someone close, very close to your skin
you can feel the warmth radiating
and lovely smell of someone skin

And draw it in to make you warm
on inside too then you say please don’t let go!
hug’s me hug’s me forever and ever
then lift your feet from the ground
so tight I  hold yeah and then the two of  us
just melt for love and kiss..

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