Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's your BIRTHDAY..

Me and my besty forever..

It's karaoke time chillax!!

Singing birthday song for mira..

the wonder girl ha..ha..ha no body , no nody but YOU!!

The three of "US"

B-day girl cutting the cake awhhh

makan jangan tak makan tau!! habiskan ha..ha

phewitt who's that girl?

me and nur yatt

Happy birthday to you girl, may god always blessed you and many happy in returns.

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SUE AMIERA said...

thanks my pren.....amin...thanks so much sbb sambut bsday sy...never forget this moment...luv u..muahhhhh!!!!!!!!

mars mell-o said...

your welcome hehe wow mira speaking! tak sangk haha

strategicintelligence said...

bergayaan kamu semua ekk tak ajak pooon

mars mell-o said...

abg kat finland macam mana nak ajak hahaha

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