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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Delectable yummylicious

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My fave cake yummy I bought this at "Delectable Cake House"
the gardens I started to love this cake so much.

 Lain kali kalau pergi The Gardens sayang beli kan lagi cake ni boleh??

My kitty cat also love's this cake ha ha ha just look at the pictures above?

Kitty kalau nampak cake laju macam kilat dia cium-cium cake yang mello beli pelik betul dengan perangai kitty pantang nampak cake kat atas meja macam ni lah dia he he..

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Signature - The Gardens

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Foot long sausage yummmmylicious.. Sharing this meal with my sissy!!! You should try this sometime  =D

Gosh, It's been an ages I didn't post about food's and makan places!!

The reason why I stopped posting about food's entry for quite some time is because of this reason, If i post more entry about food and restaurants then I need to " rajin makan this and also that " and if i eat a lot of food i will gain weight and if that happen all my clothes and also dress will grown on me and if all my clothes doesn't fit me anymore, I gotta get myself a new size of dress to wear. Well I guess some of you probably might think it's funny and not logic. You can try it to yourself if you think i'm just making story here ROFL.   

Thank god, I manage to get back my 48kg weight! SO, here I am back posting about foods entry again ha ha ha

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Keropok lekor B.T.B 2209 - Terengganu

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Pada sesiapa yang suka makan keropok lekor mars mello nak share lokasi dan tempat beli keropok lekor yang paling best sekali! Kalau korang pergi kat terengganu memang wajib kena singgah kat tempat ni. Kenapa? sebab kat sini lah kedai keropok lekor yang paling best sekali tu. Hehe, sampai nak dekat beratus orang yang beratur kat dalam kedai ni semata - mata nak beli keropok lekor.  Sedap sangat ke? Kalau tak sedap  buat apa nak membuang masa beratur panjang  sampai berjam-jam kan? dah lah panas duh berpeluh - peluh tunggu turn untuk beli keropok lekor ni aje.

Tengok lah sendiri nombor ni? hahaha agaknya berapa orang lagi sebelum sampai turn nombor ni Huahuahua..

Sementara menunggu giliran untuk beli keropok lekor ni sampai boleh tengok macam mana cara diorang buat and process keropok lekor ni. Rupanya buat keropok lekor ni susah juga ek?
Inilah keropok lekor yang paling sedap tu!! bila dah try sekali rasa nak lagi dan lagi he he he entah bila lagi lah, dapat makan keropok lekor ni. =D


Monday, May 23, 2011

Yuzu Japanese food restoran - The Garden

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I love the atmosphere of this place and the main reason why I ask my hun to had dinner with me here is because I love Japanese food very much then I bet in my mind this is the perfect place for me!!
The bar view very relaxing all you can see from this spot is a bamboo.
This is for me and my hun drooling!!
Tempura set all in one there's rice and cawan mushi and everything awhhh!
Adageshi Taufu my favorite I love to eat this while it's still hot.
Small prawn's he he I forgot it's name but it taste really good.
Lastly we both share this dessert it's a fruits with ice cream toppings.

Check out this place sometime!! =D

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Homemade - Macaroni salad

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My favorite Macaroni salad I love this so, so, so much....
     ** Ingredients**
  1. Macaroni pasta
  2.  Fruit coctail
  3.  F&N Sweet Milk
  4. Nestle cream
  5. Mayonaise
     ** How to made this**

It's so easy first of all you have to cook the macaroni pasta in a hot boiled water  add little oil and salt on it, just a little only okay? and then wait at least for 15minutes.

When it is finally cooked pour out the water and then put your macaroni on a clean empty tupperware okay? now you can add the following ingredients like mayonaise, fruit cocktail (remember only the fruits ya, don't add the juice) and then add the rest of the ingredients and don't forget to add milk depends on how sweet you want it to be if you like sweet add more milk if not just as nice then.  It's done!!! lastly put your macaroni salad on the refrigerator.

    Recommended: Eat it when it's cold it's delicious!!  Good Luck =D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


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On the way to the zon and buy chocolates yay!!
So many chocolates and lollipops awhhh..

choc's yang mars mello beli he he ingat nak tambah lagi tapi mars mello rasa no need to buy so many chocolates nanti beli banyak pun kalau tak makan membazir aje kan? =P 

Restoran selasih johor

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Hari tu kitorang jalan - jalan pergi johor stay kat hotel puteri pan pacific satu malam sebab the next day tu mars mello nak pergi the zone beli coklat banyak - banyak he he diorang kata murah so mars mello pun pergi leee.. Before that mars mello nak share lokasi tempat makan yang best kat johor lokasi restoran ni betul - betul sebelah hotel puteri pan pacific jalan kaki tak sempai lima minit dah boleh sampai kat tempat makan ni best kan? sebab tak payah drive kereta lagi. =D 
Bergayaan mama lynn pun nak posing juga he he..
My lil sis cute or not? =D

My second sis showing the menu tapi nak order apa mesti dia akan tanya mars mello dulu nak makan apa ya? geram betul mars mello sebab asyik kena order untuk dia aje LOL

me and myhun order nasi goreng selasih the best fried rice ever!! sedap giler nasb baik tak gila terus lepas makan nasi goreng ni!! HAHAHA..
pucuk paku santan mars mello suka makan sayur pucuk paku tapi yang ada santan rasanya ni kali yang kelima LOL
Last sekali mars mello order dessert ni they called it "candil" pelik kan nama dessert ni?
mula - mula myhun tak nak makan sebab dia ingat tak sedap, tapi lepas dia try sekali aje dia nak lagi@!!!! what? sedap sangat ke? kalau tak kenapa dia nak lagi kan? ROFL nasib baik lah masa tu tengah kejar masa nak pergi singapore pulak kalau tak tentu myhun order lagi!!

Restoran Paranakan One Utama

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Rawrrrrrr...!! It's been so long since I've last updated my blog, I gezz It's been a week huh? or more than that? well you must've wondering where I have been missing for the past few days I leave my blog unattended. I was sick yeah..fever, headache and yada yada all seem's to attack me again and thanked god today I'm feeling much better. 

OH, ya rasanya dah lama tak update pasal makan kan? he he he alright hari ni mars mello nak share lokasi tempat makan yang mars mello selalu pergi restoran ni teletak kat one utama damansara level 2, restoran paranakan kat sini banyak makanan yang best-best kalau tak percaya you all cuba lah makan kat restoran ni, guarantee korang akan datang lagi!!

Some list of menu that I will asked from the waiter whenever i come to this place
Fish cake and ladies finger my sis love this sooo much!!

Beef fried rice for my lil sis erica he he he

Asam pedas fish and Prawns omelette's egg I love this!!
Kerabu chicken feet nyummy!!

And not to foget the shezuan soup!! it's mama lynn favorite wanna know a secret?
she can finish the whole bowl alone ROFL

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flying chillies @ Gardens

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Flying chillies @ Gardens
This is called miangkam it's a thai dishes really nyummy he he anyone have ever try it before?
Somptam delicious love this one the most although it's too spicy ha ha ha
just look at her face she's crying LOL
Oh, this is my favorite dishes butter prawns nyummy..

Steam fish with lemon leaves everyone loves it!!
I'll never missed it he he he
Tom yam yay!! so hot le... you can see the smoke right??
Mama lynn and the budak bergayaan ha ha ha makan pun nak serious LOL..

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Restoran Murni Discovey USJ

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That day me and my hun went to USJ again drive around somewhere taipan and look for a place to eat and chillax there are too many restoran in that area until me and myhun ended up dont know which place to go.  For about atleast half an hour we stucked inside the car looking for a nice place to eat and sit back but we both end up asking this same questions to one another "sayang, nak makan kat mana ni? apa kata kali ni sayang yang decide." HAHA well i give up!! Seriously, when it comes to food i preferred to eat "Instant noodle with egg" if on the particular moment i really have no idea what to eat. My suggestions would be this simple and easy dont need to be so "pening - peningkan diri sayang apa kata kita makan maggi aje ROFL that would be very much better i bet!! =P Finally while me and myhun are heading to summit USJ i saw this restoran from the outside as you can see there are too many people eating there in my mind i was thinking hurmm..perhaps i should give a try to this place. I was actually wondering "apa yang best sangat kat restoran ni sampai ramai betul orang makan kat sini". Then me and myhun decided to eat here first instead of playing snooker lagipun lapar giler dah masa tu HAHA..
Hello waiter it's time to take order!! can you give me a honeydew special and manggo special for myhun. Jeng..jeng..jeng tapi bila order sampai i jadi confuse apesal ada tembikai dan laici dalam honeydew? cause i was asking for only a honeydew drink yang dia serve kat kitorang honeydew + watermelon +laici!! Aha!! semua ada dalam satu mug besar nie. Myhun didnt notice what's inside the mug until i asked him to see it.

This is really special!!
This what i order they called it nasi goreng meletup with butter fish pada mula tu mars mello tak faham why they called this meal nasi goreng meletup. After having this food only i realize that it's too much for me to finish the whole entire plate!! Kalau makan sampai perut meletup pun tak mungkin mars mello boleh habiskan HAHAHA even if i share this with myhun also we both cant finish this meal.  Over all kira sedap juga nasi goreng ni cuma yang jadi tak best sebab dia ada campur petai and mars mello tak makan petai cant stand the petai smell ughhh..
yang ini nama dia "Raja mee goreng" nasib  baik bukan "Maharaja lawak mee" LOL myhun asked for this but he didn't finish it also because it was too many.
soup ayam sedap di makan!!

He he banyak makanan yang pelik - pelik kat restoran ni yang mars mello tak pernah lagi makan sebelum ni ada yang tak boleh didapati kat restoran lain!! Kira best and unique lah tempat ni makanan dia pun tak lah mahal sangat murah pun murah.

Discover this place sometime!! *winks*

Coffee love hot chocs!!

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If you were to mixed up a hot chocolate and coffee
what do you think it would probably taste like huh..?

anyone of you had ever try it before??

I would say it would taste like a "Mocha-ha-ha-ha" =D

Just chillaxing !!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dodol DFO, apa meaning dia tu?

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Dodol melaka nice!!! yang ada tanda "D" tu perisa durian..

yang ni kenapa takde tanda D? he he he OH ya, yang ini perisa original bukan yang original kat KFC tu tau, yang ni mars mello bagi nama "DFO"  Dodol flavor original!! ROFL..

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Asam pedas MELAKA best!!

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Kalau asyik makan western food aje lama - lama mars mello kena pindah duduk kat london pulak sebab kat sana kebanyakan makanan yang ada semuanya western food LOL. Kali ni mars mello nak share lokasi tempat makan asam pedas selera kampung pulak. Lokasi tempat ni terletak dekat tempat yang bersejarah kat malaysia ni. Y'all mesti tahu kan tempat yang banyak sejarah mars mello maksudkan tu? tahu ke tak tahu ni? OK lah biar mars mello aje lah yang bagi tahu, nama tempat makan ni "Restoran Asam Pedas" itu kalau dalam bahasa malayu tapi kalau dalam bahasa arab yang tu mars mello tak tahu he he he oppps!!! lokasi restoran ni terletak dekat "Dataran Pahlawan Melaka" dan kat area ni kalau malam sabtu yang "famous ialah pasar malam" so pada sesiapa yang minat nak beli barang yang jual kat pasar malam y'all boleh lah usha - usha tempat ni.  
Back to our topic just now, apa yang istemewa sangat kat restoran ni, nak tahu tak?? kalau y'all tengok balik signboard restoran tadi mesti korang semua dah tahu kan apa yang istemewa kat restoran ni?? he he he no other than ASAM PEDAS!! yup, asam pedas kat sini memang sedap kalau tak percaya boleh datang restoran ni dan cuba masakan dia semuanya best - best. 
Lobster ni nyummy sangat mars mello suka makan yang ni tapi malas nak kopek kulit lobster ni yang mars mello tahu makan aje HAHAHA nasib baik lah myhun rajin tolong kopekkan makin double nyummy terus lobster ni!! 
Ayam kampung ni pun sedap panas - panas lagi tu maklumlah baru keluar dari kuali LOL yang ni myhun punya faborito HAHA, dia yang kerjakan ayam kampung ni sampai habis tapi kenapa dia aje yang makan seorang? huhu sebabnya mars mello tak makan ayam kampung laa.
Kalau yang ini mars mello suka makan "wajib" kena ada sebab sayur itu favorite mars mello!! 

SO,  pada sesiapa yang suka makan asam pedas check out this place sometime!!! =D

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