Thursday, May 17, 2012

This is my blog I post what I want, DONT like it? DONT read it simple!

I guess the picture's above shall stated like this------->>>  This is my facebook so stranger's stop adding me if your only motive to add me as a friend is too look out at my personal pictures and wall post.  Because I only add people that I know and for those who add me just to stalked what I do and what I shouldn't, shouldn't do don't waste your time on adding me as a friend cause even you'll have to wait until you get old well honestly and bluntly telling i'm not gonna approved "YOU". 

Friend's request keep coming IN, but pardon me I don't accept any friend's request from a stranger's anymore. Unless on a second thought there's an instinct make me accepted them or in other words I accept request from people I knew they wouldn't be a faker's those who are, I'll slowly get rid of these people. I have less friend's in my FB cause I dislikes fakers wanna be and for safety and privacy reason I only share my pictures to friends whom I known.

I'm not arrogant but I only talk to people who really talk the talk, and those who know what they are talking about not bullshit things and spilling un-logic and unacceptable reasons out loud such a waste of time.

DARNEST thing's do happen in Facebook and any social networks out there eg; those people who are using other's pictures to act as themselves as if those pictures are belongs to them? well I had enough dealing with this type of people and I also do experience it with my own selves, for instance some anonymous people use my pictures to create an account at TAGGED, I'm lucky and blessed cause I have a friend who is very concerned about me and she told me about it, she also did warned that person and asked her question does she know her? my friend did it for a reason is to find out who she really are.

Guess what happen?? she just disappear in a short time before her true identity got caught up!! It happen not once to myself but countless here in blogger's there's an anonymous people who copy all my entry and make a cloned of it at their blog and some of my friend even ask me how many blog's in blogger do I actually have?? because they read the same exact thing I posted here in my personal website at the pretenders wanna be blog. Not only that it also does happen in Maxis Mblog and other's social network darnest thing does happen everywhere and i'm sick of it.

Sort of people attitude that I  dislike the most:

1. Pretenders aka fake
 2. People who only know how
to take advantage on our innocent kindness
 3. Liars
4. Budget good
5. Back stabbers
6. Selfish
7. Arrogant

I rather have no friends at all than having this kind of people around me life is short, what's the point of having them if their only presence in our life is to give us bullshit problems.

If you are one of the list which I have stated above?? Don't add me and don't judge me cause I'm quite no one plans a murder out loud. And if you're not one of them don't be hesitate to talk to me i'm friendly in a ways but only to those people who are real in taking me as a friend end of this entry.

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Navaneetham Krishnan said...

Shame of the fakers for doing so. Thank god I have not encountered such issues so far. I normally screen on those who want to add me before moving further. There's also plenty offering sex service of fb because some tried to be friends with me. I have to agree that there are plenty of mad people on fb and we have to be careful.

mars mell-o said...

@Navaneetham Krishnan That is why i'm being more careful and get rid from mad people these days he..he..he

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

there are so many people like this nowadays. i'd just ignore them :)

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mars mell-o said...

@FiSh. ohFISHiee YES sweety best is to ignore and get trid of them.. right :) thanks for dropping by my blog.

Angeline Ng said...

omg, i've experienced before. She copied all my photo albums. :( No choice but to report her. :/

mars mell-o said...

@Angeline Ng it could happen to anyone sweety btw the best keep the photo private, all specific people or family can see :) dont be sad cheer up now.. thanks for dropping by here yeah!

Anonymous said...

Too many faker out there!

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