Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store And Cafe

Another awesome place I found here, it's called fullhouse lifestyle store and cafe!! I should have posted this entry long time ago but due to I was very busy I forgotten that I have to many entries which I did not posted yet! I guess it's time to share this post with all my food lovers readers now.
Beside from cafe what attract me most about this place is they sell's lot's of things for instance dresses, gift, home decoration and etc!! come check out this place sometime if you want to see more!!
Cheers!! honeydew bubble milktea for me and a smile for myhun treats on me jyeahhh!! ha..ha
YOU&I = <3
I forgot the menu names LOL but all I can say is the food is great and also very delicious!!
This one is for myhun he love's it umph! Overall  we love the food here cheap also cheaper!!

For more info about fullhouse go to this website

2 ✿Have something to say? ✿: said...

been there once and I love their lamb shank. Food are not bad ;)

mars mell-o said... yeah it's an awesome place.. i love the dessert there :D

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