Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Something to read about - My self quotes

YOU try, you fail, you try, you fail.
But the only one real and biggest failure
 is when you stop trying.
To lead is better than to follow
but in order to get there,
 first of all we've must learn
how to follow before we can lead.
You will know that ''one''
thing is valuable to you once when you lose it.
And then you've come to realize that ''one''
thing is important to you
 when it's too late for you to get it back!!
I have a dream a dream’s to fulfilled.
 I have visualize the things that I want for the now,
 the presence and for the future. 
It's a goal to achieve and I had a good feelings,
 about it that someday I will own every dream I dreams, 
I am the masterpiece of my thought!!

Quotes by: ZJ mars mello

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Small Kucing said...

Good morning Mell-o :)

caro said...

nice :3

Navaneetham Krishnan said...

I have failed many times but never give up. Once we give up, than I suppose we make life as a failure.

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

you are so much better than you believe :) i love this quote!

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mars mell-o said...

@Small Kucing good morning to you too mamarazzi :)

mars mell-o said...

@caro thanks for reading and leaving your comment caro.. do come again often... :)

mars mell-o said...

@Navaneetham Krishnan I strongly agree with you nava!! no matter how hard the waves come and hit's me, I shall never give up easily...as long as I could hold onto it, I do it!! :)

mars mell-o said...

@FiSh. ohFISHiee Yes sweety, you're so much better that you imagine!! :) you're special inside.. you know it dear!!

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