Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My self motivation

Ramai kawan- kawan rapat yang tanya kenapa tak upload gambar you dengan your BF kat facebook dan blog??

My answer is simple, not only my current bf pictures now yang I tak pernah upload, my so called past relationship with my exbf pun tak pernah upload pictures dengan diorang.

The reason is logically, I've notice a lot of people like to show off their pictures with their bf okay that's they're style right?? Setiap orang ada cara dia sendiri, and I don't wanna comment about it, it's their life.

Tapi pernah tak diorang fikir kalau andai kata hubungan diorang tu tak kekal sampai ke jinjang pelamin, lepas tu kan dah upload pic kat FB peluk and kissing dengan BF after that the next time diorang dapat pasangan lain the same thing going on upload pic berpelukan dengan lelaki / perempuan lain dan begitu lah seterusnya tak namanya tu memalukan diri sendiri bukan?? 

Specially those people who break and couple again and again and again, that's why I pegang pada satu prinsip kalau nak upload pictures dengan pasangan biar upload pictures perkahwinan terus orang nak kata apa pun lantaklah I'm a wifey to my legal beloved husband.

I strongly agree with Nava K! comment on the post!! Professionally there are certain things are meant to kept personal not to share to the whole wide world.  Others can do what they wan't but why give a damn about what the rest do right? everyone have a life to look out for, therefore how we are treated again depend's on how we carry ourselves.

**Dignity is not something you can restart when it crash it will be shut down forever**

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Navaneetham Krishnan said...

Thats why I seldom share personal matters on my blog and also leave my family out of it. Sometimes when I do review, than I don't have a choice but maybe attach a photo of me. I think some matters are best kept to ourselves than sharing with the rest of the world. Others can do what they like and I have no comments on it.

mars mell-o said...

@Navaneetham Krishnan we have something in common here nava! give me 5!! he..he there are certain things are meant to be kept as personal not to share to the whole world... yeah, but for family type blog i love reading their life, how a mothers raise a child, and i love nava K blog's too cause she share lots of informative info's and so on.. :)

Small Kucing said...

betul tu. :)

mars mell-o said...

@Small Kucing he..he..he and mamarazzi is one of the list of blog i love to read :) winks winks..

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