Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I love music and i'm a universal listener I listen to all kind of song

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My ORIGINAL CD collection. Most are english/latin/spanish/malay/japanese song. R&B, Hip Hop music, Rap, Pop rock, Jazz, Goth rock, Trance, House music, Acoustic, Classic, love song by 70's 80's 90's and etc..
( I got that 3 CD of orianthi when I went to her live concert in KL last time I got her autograph some more!! )

There are more cd's but dont know where it goes ha ha ha some of my "friends" borrow my CD alot, and some of them forgotten to return back the CD's to me. 

I sometime don't know what to say to them the only thing I can do is said never mind just keep it cause the next time i'll asked sure they will tell me same thing "alamak lupalah ROFL., but no worries I bagi ikhlas okay and no complain" he..he..he I'm not shy to say how freak and obsessed I am into music I was planning to keep more CD's any song that soothe my soul every time I listen to it, and if you asked me which from most of this CD's is my favorite?? my fave one is the red CD box myhun bought for me at singapore a years ago,  I love the track they have on the CD it's all jazz song jyeahh.. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm back - My first post for today is me and me again LOL

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When i was 18teen (muka comot) still don't know how to apply make up, ok ..then when i grew up dah pandai sikit but prefer the light one yang tak heavy sangat..

But yesterday when i met with my cousin dia macam tak percaya and terkejut LOL cause the last time we meet is on years 2004 she told me that I look different tak macam sepupu yang dia kenal dulu she almost cannot recognize my face after so long didnt met up, lucky my aunt was there to convince her.. tak kan you tak kenal sepupu you sendiri?? lepas tu dia jawap my aunt.. dia masih tak percaya lagi till we both re-called back the old story about zaman kanak - kanak we all dulu baru dia percaya hahaha.

Few years back pictures and my latest pictures

Now here's the funny part most of my friends always get confuse with my pictures yeah, even my besty always told me that I look like a teenager on every pictures it doesn't matter if I put on make up or not but the funny thing I wanna say here is my friend always told that my face changes all the time HAHAHAHA. Then I asked her of all many many pictures and faces you have seen which one is my real look's??  wanna know her anwers??? wait a minute let me add another pictures here. =P (loadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing)
Her answers is the last one below starting from the third horizontal right row, is my real face that's what she said HAHAHAHA, well if you ask me this questions?? did I go for surgery?? my answer to you is definitely NO cause I love the way I am.

Before my cousin leave to sabah she told me she's kinda jealous a bit of me cause even i'm already older than her but if to compare with herself she probably look more older than me as she compare me to her youngest sister as well. She told me that she just cant believe that i'm already 26yrs old cause as she see me and look at myself, she said I kinda look just like her age which is 18teen, then I told her not to feel bad about herself I try to cheer her up and tell her some advice, the best medicine is laugh and be happy love yourself and don't think so much about aging. The more you think about aging the more faster you get old. Think positive all the time and also dont forget to always dress yourself well which fit your looks that's all, after that she smile at me and say yeah, you are right from now on she will stop thinking of aging anymore. I'm glad to know that I made her happy and change her negative thoughts and thinking towards herself.

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