Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Resort - Johor Bahru PART #2

Last month we all went to kong kong again it's was chinese new year  so many singaporean went to kong kong for "yee sang" the seafood there is getting famous he he he I think, too many car parking unlike last time we wen't there. This time we order different dishes all also yummylicious awhhh gosh specially the bamboo I love it so much!!

mussel myhun favorite so tasty!!

Fried fish with thai sauce " a must order " crunchy yummy!!

Here's come the crabs ha ha ha.. lagi lagi ketam!! sedap sangat habis ketam ni we all kerjakan.
 Asam pedas fish, gosh I love the gravy really tasty I feel like eating this again.
We order the same vege but unfortunately they added some petai and I dont eat petai ha ha ha, but overall it's still delicious!! all this food cost about RM300++ getting expensive lor last time cheaper cause not many singaporean know about this spot in Johor baru.

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Nava.K said...

OMG!!! I love that petai and its my fav plus everything else looks really good.

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