Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Confuse and shocked

I've been into a car accident last few days My whole body is aching huh.. T.T my neck, and my legs, my shoulder. Gosh I cant walk properly my leg is swollen huhu.. and still in shock though.

Thank you GOD for protecting me from harm, thank you so much!! Nasib baik me and myhun tak cedera, cuma kereta hancur teruk. But that’s alright benda tu boleh claim insurance!!! What matters is we are safe and sound now thank you god. Syukur alhamdullilah to ALMIGHTY ALLAH for protecting me from harm.

But still cant believe that it happened to me, it's all started when the car infront us suddenly emergency break,  and then myhun also break and fine masa tu tak apa - apa lagi, tiba - tiba van toyota dari belakang langgar kitorang plak!!! gosh.. can you imagine?? we're in between of two cars nasib baik bukan lori yang sebat dari belakang, kalau tak entah.. apa akan jadi huhuhuhu I can't describe it i'm still confuse and shocked.

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Nava.K said...

Thank god nothing that serious happen to both of you. You rest and take care. Will keep in touch when you are feeling better.

Small Kucing said...

thank God both of you are okay....ish that van lembu why la follow you all so closely.

Spiky said...

though it would be really traumatic, you are still blessed you survive. get well soon. :)

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