Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's chilling time - with pykachu at mydin USJ part #1

whoa so many vege and also fish dont know which one to buy and cooked for dinner time..

My friend pykachu say cheese dear, dah pilih ikan mana yang nak masak nanti?? make sure ambik yang fresh tau ha ha ha..

WTH pegang ice cream pun nak bergambar ke.. LOL
Bila tahap kebosanan melanda inilah kerja kitorang  Ha ha ha..
Everything done buy already queueing on the line and waiting for our turned to pay up all the stuff we bought yay..  It's time to go your place babe!! nanti kita masak - masak ya =P

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Small Kucing said...

uiks...this mydin allow to bring in handbags ah? The one in trengganu dont allow. Hence i tak suka go mydin

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