Saturday, November 3, 2012

Me + ll the ancient greek symbolic = Mell - Reisha Myeiszell-

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 I think my hair look kinda shorter right in this pixies..

It's Me + ll the ancient greek symbolic = Mell, but anyway it does not resembles as a name to me I just combine those word's together and that's how mell name was invented and become my username aswell my "mell" is not an origins name of a person but for most friend of mine they prefer to call me that name.

As those days when i first started becoming an internet "addict" mell is my first username and for like few years i had been using that username for my blog at some social networking site called Mblog and all i can say is ever since i start creating the mell account i become an internet zombie also a chattingaholic and writingaholic. I just couldn't stop from it, it become one of my hobby and habit then eventually from being a chatting-aholic i become a writingaholic ONLY, i dont chat anymore and this is like the only aholic thing that runs in my veins from that moment onward and days i realize that if there's any day i would felt something is not yet completed, the only reason to that could only be one and that is probably because i didnt wrote anything at the blog. I'm a blogging - aholic and yes i'm proudly to admit it nah. =D

OK, back to our topic just now what is mell mean to me again?? I decided to explained to some friends of mine that asked me that question and most about it is why picked mell..?? honestly i really dont know how to find an answer for the mell thing hahahaha in my mind i was actually thinking of all many questions they can came up with why the mell thing always become their favorite question like why do i like this mell name. So,  I told some of my friends to stop calling me mell again it make me feel a lil awkward as  it doesn't even have any similarity with my petname. It's seems like the mell thing   has already sticked strong like a glue in me and i guess it can't never be change anymore as all of my closest friends likely to address me as mell, most of them yeah. But to me my "mell" username is actually means like this Me + ll the ancient greek symbolic which also means my birth sign gemini, and it's not a name ROFL.

Some of my besty actually think it's a weird meaning and they even tell me this why dont i just used that MELL name instead of combining those words together as for somehow it still appear the same in alphatical letters HAHAHA. No wonder all my friends at the mblog last time call me mell. Just r
ecently I came up with this idea likewise is to look for a unique name that are not often use by people on the internet so i was thinking of creating it by my own.

Rae - is stand for an Air.
Aeesha - it means something like  Alive, She who lives

 - it means something like Myth and mystery. 

Zell - means Wise and peaceful. 

The (ll) can aswell resemble as the symbolic sign of greek which also stand for gemini my birth sign.

Which of this name that i mention above will become my username now..?? from what i see not one of it seem's to fit myself well, but then i try combining each name that i highlight in color into one word's and this is what I actually came up Raeesha Myeiszell after placing all the letters together and i love how the name sounded when it's pronounce and also spell in a words.

So more likely to me every letters of name has it's own meaning but i kinda change my mind  after that instead of raeesha - I decided to change it into Reisha Myeiszell. If any of my friend asked me again why do i like this name..?? my answer will be this i love how the name are spelled and because it resembles as ME in a different formed of word's the only changes i made from the first name just now is the Reis and it mean something like what written below.

Reis" - it means a law unto itself tendency is to finish whatever they start, can be very obstinate if limited, and chafe under dictatorship. A tolerant and like to help humanity. A very active. If negative,  may have to guard against losses, are generally warmhearted and gives freely of their time, energy, and sympathetic understanding, have tolerance and acceptance of the frailties of others, but can be imposed upon by unscrupulous types.Universal and humanitarian in outlook, have a great sense of responsibility and duty are comforting, appreciative and affectionate, this is a very compassionate name, have an eventful, exciting life, are versatile and have the ability to learn easily. The obligation in life is to hold justice and truth, and if  follow the Law, can find the great happiness and satisfaction

I had decided to change my alternate nickname into (Reisha Myeiszell) what do you think of this name?? i like the part where the first name and second has same letters and to me that is the unique part what i mean here is this the R(EIS)ha My(EIS)zell.

OH, hope i'm the only human being who are using this name in google for now, I love my new username HAHAHAHA. NO COPY-COPY else you become my coffee LOL

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New BAG for my kitty - Mikey and kitty camwhore time!!

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I bought kitty a new bag for her to go "kai-kai" kitty love's her new bag soooo sooo much. Wanna know a funny story about this bag..?? before i bought it for kitty I asked the sales girl whether can try it or not, so I put kitty inside the bag just to try it as I wanna know if she fit on the bag or not but  the funny part is when she don't want to get out from the bag anymore hahahaha which means kitty is giving me a sign that she want it for herself in the end i decided to pay for it since kitty also love it!!

New color for mikey how is he look now..?? =D

Candid photo captured by me I've been waiting for this kind of poses for so long at last, mikey yawn just on the time i press the snap button of the camera yay!!

Love is in the air - sweet kitty and mikey kissing so romantic LOL 

I'm handsome and I know it!!! =D

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