Thursday, November 1, 2012

New BAG for my kitty - Mikey and kitty camwhore time!!

I bought kitty a new bag for her to go "kai-kai" kitty love's her new bag soooo sooo much. Wanna know a funny story about this bag..?? before i bought it for kitty I asked the sales girl whether can try it or not, so I put kitty inside the bag just to try it as I wanna know if she fit on the bag or not but  the funny part is when she don't want to get out from the bag anymore hahahaha which means kitty is giving me a sign that she want it for herself in the end i decided to pay for it since kitty also love it!!

New color for mikey how is he look now..?? =D

Candid photo captured by me I've been waiting for this kind of poses for so long at last, mikey yawn just on the time i press the snap button of the camera yay!!

Love is in the air - sweet kitty and mikey kissing so romantic LOL 

I'm handsome and I know it!!! =D

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Navaneetham Krishnan said...

Nice bag and I love the the color. Looks like your kitty is making decisions for you these days.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, love your cats, really cute. And white too. Bet they give you lots of fun. Wow! You sure know how to make your cat happy, having a bag of it's own too.
I love cats, but pity my wife allergic to cat fur, so thats it.
You have fun, and you got great taste in bags too.
Stay beautiful and have a great weekend.

Small Kucing said...


Anonymous said...

Ahahaha comrl la kitty, funnyy je =D sweeett! He like a human!!

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