Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Blah blah blah.. =D

Time fly so fast but memory last. I cant believe it's been an ages since the last time i came here, those day's back then I did say something about how impossible for me to quit blogging and stop writing. I guess i was wrong. As time goes by It just happen that I lost interest in blogging. I'm not sure why whenever i came to read everything that i once had written on this blog I just felt so very emotional and sad. Probably is just because there is too many things that sadden me in the past. But I came here today not to talked about the past, In fact I came here to cherish everything that i had in this blog whether it is happy or sad it doesnt matter.  Cause what matters to me right now is that I am a happy person and whatever happen in the past i came here to embrace it cause what's done is done and I'm moving on. 
So this is me, after so many years. Hehe don't you think that i had grown much matured than the last time i been here or I am still the same Mello that never change haha. =D

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Nava K said...

Hello sweetie. So happy to see you again. Indeed, its been a long time away from blogging, for me, I have started loving writing, and my time on social media, esp fb so little. Tired of awing at other peoples lives. Rather I improve my skills to writing. TC.

Marsmello said...

Hello Ms nava K,

Im so happy to be here, really miss blogging with you. I try to get active here again. I guess blogging is far more better than FB, as you know in FB there is too many people who always disagree about what we share on our timeline hahaha, even it has nothing to do with them, to many don'ts do and shouldn't do type of people in there. Definitely a No Go's!! That's why I came here again to find something that I missed, I want to write again just do whatever that makes me happy here. Hehe and I need your help here Ms nava, help me improved my English writing 😄 after so many years I think I lost my mojo!

Lee said...

Hi Mello, it was really a very nice surprise you remembered me after much water has flowed over Niagara Falls, or Sungei Gombak. Terima kaseh seribu.

And Wow! Sekali lagi WOW! You looking fabulous. Glad to know you now married. Kalau tidak, under different circumstances, saya hantar my resume, my application. Hahaha.

Regret to read you lost all your previous blog postings. I too tada simpan copies. What I lost was all the hundreds of comments from my old postings...when I changed to a new template, old postings ada lagi, but different format, lagi pun kechik compared to present.

Anyway, good for you to return to blogging...its good exercise for our brain too or else otak jadi karat.
And you are very eloquent As well your English is outstanding!

Will be looking forward to dropping by again.
Until then Mello, you simpan satu lagu dalam hati.
Best regards,

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