Saturday, March 23, 2013

I cooked this for my bestfriend - she just came out from hospital i hope she like it!!

This is what i made for my bestfriend, I hope she like what i made for her. OH ya, she just came out from hospital so i made her a chicken porridge with campbells chicken brooth.
Tomato gravy chicken with green peas - sorry i can't share the recipe here due to i cooked it without listing down all the ingredient's HAHAHA i try to remember everything first the next time i make this dishes i will list down everything ya. 

Asam fish, still tasty although i cooked it rushingly. 

To my bestfriend - Get well soon and hope you like all the dishes i made for you. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I love itt!! you make me feel hungry.. :(

Navaneetham Krishnan said...

All of it is the type of food I love and adore. You are getting better than me as I can see the outcome of your recipes.

Small Kucing said...

awww...what a lucky gal to have you as a friend

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Reisha, wow! I am impressed with your these 3 dishes.
I sure love that asam pedas. Looks so delicious.
May I have your kind consent I copy your asam fish picture?
I will display your this dish when next I blog about beautiful girls who can cook, instead of sex, ha ha.
And will credit you.
Thank you.
Have a nice day.

Zaarah Jasmin said...

misterikakjijah@ thank's babe.. u can make some of it too!!

Zaarah Jasmin said...

Navaneetham Krishnan @ thank you for your compliments ms.nava k but i cant deny that you are more super good than me.. hahaha i only can be in student level..

Zaarah Jasmin said...

Small Kucing @ thank you mamarazzi!! :D hehehe...

Zaarah Jasmin said...

Uncle Lee @ He he he uncle lee, your so funny hahahaha.. sure u can copy the pictures, and thank u for the credit,, you have a nice day ahead.

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