Thursday, March 21, 2013

OH! look it's crazy pixies of me OMG!!

Today pixies, just playing around HAHA such a boredom morning..
Fresh look of me winks-winks for my pumpkin only okay!!
Kissy - Kissy huggy huggy goo goo love!!  ROFL..  
Hello again it's me the mars mell-o girl he..he
OH!! look it's crazy pixies of me OMG!!

To my lovely readers good morning and have a nice day
to all of you yeah xoxo for dropping by my page :-)

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Anonymous said...

lawa la mak kucin ni

Navaneetham Krishnan said...

I see many impressions on your face and these are positive signs. Keep glowing and keep going.

Small Kucing said...

cute the last photo

Anonymous said...

Segala yang dihasrat..
tapi tak didapat..adalah
nikmat yang paling padat..

Miyuki nana said...

yeaahhh!!!! aku ada blog sudah..thank YOu for helping me to create a blog :) :) Peace :) :)

Reisha Myeiszell said...

Anonymous @ i'm just a simple girl :)

Reisha Myeiszell said...

Navaneetham Krishnan@ you're right about that ms.nava i notice that too, hahaha my face change all the time rofl..thanks for dropping by xoxo

Reisha Myeiszell said...

Small Kucing@ that one ha, kinda candid hahaha funny right mamarazzi, thank u for your kind words xoxo mamarazzi..

Reisha Myeiszell said...

Anonymous@ Where have you been?
Cause I never see you out
Are you hiding from me, yeah?
Somewhere in the crowd - chuppycake :)

Reisha Myeiszell said...

Miyuki nana @ you're welcome sissy enjoy blogging and welcome to blogging world stay away from noty people ok hahahaha..

Anonymous said...

wooowww looking good n matured face ;)

Anonymous said...

Baby sayang abg makin bertambah rindu tgk gambar baby syg ni....muuaaahhhh love u so much

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