Sunday, April 22, 2012

The loneliest girl i've ever knew - ZJ

She had break her faith,
by the same breaking through,
she takes to play with fire,
then disappear,
in the deep end of silence,
yet, pretending that nothing
is hurting her,
the loneliest girl i’ve ever knew,
she would sealed herself,
alone in her room,
she is crying inside,
sleepless every night,
thinking of the memories,
he’d left behind,
the pain,
the scar,
and the suffering,
could she cope’d everything?
the loneliest girl i’ve ever knew,
no one ever knows,
why does she cry on the floor,
she lying with a broken smile,
with tears in her eyes,
that become the one,
and only bestfriend..

The video below remind me about this poem which I wrote once upon a time ago :-)

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