Sunday, April 22, 2012

Broken angel - ZJ

There she is feeling lonely,
keeping her self faraway from everybody,
as she’s trying to look back,
at the thing’s around her,
her mind start to think,
in silence and asked oneself.

“how did this happen”?

''do she deserve anything in life''?

“why should people love me?

cause it make her feel guilty",

" do the broken angel deserve to love"?

She live’d in another world,
feel ashamed for many thing’s,
feel ashamed about the thing’s called reality,

They say sometime one feel
we've work for what we have and gain in life,
but, not for this little broken angel,
She’s in hiding,
she's in searching for the next road,
looking for her own way to become,
she live’d for free and enjoy the other dreamworld,

Steeply down her face,
she realize that she's about losing her track,
she start to think and then tell oneself,
people are working hard to get their dreams
and feel good about theirselves.

“ but I don’t deserve the life I’ve use’d to,
for everything seem’d had just turn me around,
my age and thing’s I’ve been doing,
just don’t match compare to the other’s"

Silently, she’d start to think then asked her self,

“ am I still a kid or something"?

She don’t know what she've want to be and that,
she just can’t hide from the world
and stayed alone all by herself for the rest of life,

Then slowly she throw her self into the ground,
and start's t to cry,
her tears just can't stop streaming from her eyes,
and then asking oneself,

the same question that kept's rewinding,
on her minds over and over.

"will I still found someone that I've could love'd again?
my heart Is hurt and no angel can fly with broken wing's"


My old poem I've wrote this few years back ago,
 just wanna share this poem here in my bloggers :-)

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Small Kucing said...


Navaneetham Krishnan said...

sad to read but life can change by loving our selves and looking forward with positive attitude.

mars mell-o said...

@Small Kucing mamarazzi...mamarazzi a smile for you :D huge one ya, hehe thanks for dropping by my blog.

mars mell-o said...

@Navaneetham Krishnan you're right nava, only by thinking positive one could change them selves.

Those day when i wrote that poem, I feel like i seen myself trough it. But was done is done and what has pass let go wind the wind. :)

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