Friday, April 26, 2013

It's the "Paint Less" Me...

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Just another pictures of me  =D

Good morning to all of you happy friday,
and advance happy weekend to all my lovely readers,
 thank you for dropping by my page!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

April 20 - Happy # 3 Years Old BDAY Kuchi-Kuchi

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Happy 3 years old birthday my baby kuchi-kuchi i hope this little pressie from me makes you happy and become another meaningful day for you to remember.
 She's a big big girl now.. =D
 Awhhh.. she is making a wish, and what it would be...??? kitty say it's secret shhhhhhh...shhhhhhhhh... =D
Kissy kissy and huggy huggy for my baby kuchi-kuchi we love her so much, but where is mikey..?? asked my baby.. OH dear, mikey don't know how to celebrate birthday ROFL but we'll teach him how to be good boy ya, just be a little patient on him yeah HAHAHA.

She already make her wishes now time to blow the candle and dont forget to whisper your wishes in the air baby kuchi-kuchi.. :-)

I wish..I wish..I wish.. may all her wishes comes true..

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