Sunday, March 31, 2013

I AM...

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I am... Persiya A.

All these year's I never revealed my real name online, why...?? Cause I have a very weird name, but some of them tell me it's unique and rare. Which mean's not many have a name like me huh?? ROFL.

My godmother name me after persiya when she adopted me ever-sinced i was still a baby. She gave me home love and comfort and everything that a little girl could ever dream on thank you for everything mother and wherever I go, what ever I do you'll always live inside my heart. 

I love 7, and you name me after 7 letters name, you understand everything about me ever-since i'm born into this world,  he..he my real mom love's this name too!! she said it's sounded like prince of persia OMG, i bet my mom was too obssessed with that movie ha..ha..ha  

Oh yeah, during the past month i created another alternate username for my blogger account.

( Reisha Myeiszell )

That name mean alot to me too cause each name has it's own meaning and story behind it, here's the secret it's more like an anagram he..he..

REIS - was taken from my real name the 4 letter's.
SHA- misha, my pet name ever since i'm a kid.
M- it's for michelle a naughty girl gone decent.
YEIS- another 4 letter's from my name.
Z- for my lovely zaarahjasmin.
ELL- OH!! don't forget mell the mars mell-0 girl ll.

That's where i've actually get the idea and then I combine all the letters from each name I use before, how can i forget them..??? those name has become apart of my life and each name has it's own story. :-)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mello kerabu salmon

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Ingredient A

Salmon only the meat ( marinade with vinegar for 3-4 minutes then put the salmon aside)

Ingredient  B

2 Tomato – cut into small pieces
1 Onions -  shredded
1 mango
1 lemongrass – cut into small pieces
1 Bunga kantan - cut into small pieces
2 lemon
4 lime
7 chilli
coriander leaves
Sugar ( for taste if needed)


Mixed all ingredient A and B together and ready to served
( recommended to eat it when it’s cold tasty yummy).

My invention rasanya sama macam kerabu kaki ayam cuma perbezaannya yang ni salmon!! :-)

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