Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I love oil painting so so so much!!

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I bought this oil painting, i love the art's the mood and feelings for this painting tell a thousand story just by looking at the pictures. Im gonna frame this and hang in my wall, cost me about rm400 for this after asking for some less. 

Next time i'm gonna buy some more any oil painting that interest me and keep it as a collection.
I kinda like ancient stuff and any ancient art's call me weird but it has become apart of me ever since now and then and it will carry on forever and ever babeh HAHAHA.

For this 2013 hobby i'm gonna start it by keeping oil painting as my collection and because i love arts!!

Goodbye 2012 Welcome 2013 Happy new year !!

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Happy new year everyone may this prosperous year will bring us happiness and great fortune's!! =D
Somebody set a firework really close to my window damn like it was meant for me LOL this happen when i'm busy looking at the sky searching for firework's but it was quit far and nearly can see only small light blinking but the good thing about this year and i'm gonna say that the first day for this year is starting with an awesome surprises to me. WHY..?? I feel blessed and some of my wish already come true so fast, what was it..??? he he he. As i thought of firework suddenly i got stunned when i heard a loud noise like BOOOOOM, OMG i said to myself it's a firework flashing next to my window!! where that come's from i said to myself again then I went nut's and scream louder HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!! and laughing with my sister for what we just saw in my window. Thank's for the magic neighbor you are so generous HAHAHA..
latest pixies of me ha ha i took it at my sissy room, okay does my hair look short here..?? wait for few more week's it will grow again wink's wink's he he!! A smile to all of my follower's and my blogger friend's!!  

Happy new year 2013 to all of you :-)

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