Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I love my new hairstyle VS. The craziness of me and my sissy

My new hairstyle, awhhhh I cut my hair again yesterday kinda bored with long hair already so I decided to make some changes then I make up my mind to go for shorter more this time and  here is the outcome thank's to my friend which is also my hairstylist for the idea of this hairstyle, I'm lovin' it!!
I'm ZOoooming... Who call me at this hour?? HAHAHA
The craziness of me and my partner in crazy activity no other than my sissy!!
Here we are again acting crazy to the maximum. Just look at my sissy showing her mafia face and some more wanna rob me but then at the end both also showing sob..sob face hahahaha..
This pictures was captured after playing american pool with my sissy he..he thanks for the pix sissy xoxo.. the two of us lepaking at the snooker centre again, my sis sulk like a baby when she lose the game to me HAHA.. she said how come I enter all the ball one?? she also asked me to left some  for her to enter cause she don't want me to finish the game yet I bet so overall last night was fun!! =D

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Anonymous said...

Mcm penah tgk? Kt summit usj ke??

Small Kucing said...

nice new hair style...but hard to maintain :(

Navaneetham Krishnan said...

Looking good Ms and the hairstyle is perfect for me.

Nice new layout, great match of color but just that the center, focusing your post area is small. See whether you can enlarge this area. The rest on the blog is taking away the your main post.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mars, Wow! Looking at your these pics if I am a bachelor, you'll be receiving a bouquet of scented roses with an invitation for dinner at the Raffles, Singapore. And a bottle of L'air du tempe.

You certainly look sensational in this new hair style. Outstanding!
And love the last pic, you sure have style and great looking outfit too.....
Sure would love to give your many boyfriends some competition, ha ha ha.
You stay beautiful, and hold that lovely smile of yours.
Have fun and go make the boys lintang pukang!

mars mell-o said...

@Anonymous nampak kat mana tu..??

mars mell-o said...

@Small Kucing he..he yeah mamarazzi will try the best i can to maintain the hair, luckily got iron and hairdryer at home still can make the curve as always :D

mars mell-o said...

@Navaneetham Krishnan hai there ms.nava =D , oh yeah i think the layout is fix like that i already did try to adjust the main post column so far but it can be ajusted as it's already fix but no worry about that as i'm planning to use the templates for temporary only till i make a new one.. anyway thanks for your info ms.nava truly appreciate that, and noted :D have a great day ahead.

mars mell-o said...

@Uncle Lee he..he whoa uncle lee so romantic one, i can imagine how the roses are and also dinner at raffles that's so far unlce lee.. how am i be able to get there?? hahahaha.. i mean just joking..

Thank's for the compliments about my new hairstyle, i'm too bored with the old hair uncle lee, that's why i cut it short and soon it will be shorter more i guess so.. =D

if uncle lee become the competiton habis lah like that sure all the boys lintang pukang one!! ROFL..

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