Friday, August 10, 2012

Bye - Bye to chubby me - happy I can fit on my extra small size dress again!!

September 2011 - October 2011

My besty say i lose some weight as the last time she saw me i was little chubby and she also tell me that my arms look smaller than before after so long didn't met she was kinda shock cause i'm almost look thinner as the first time we met, if i'm not mistaken i think i weigh 50-49kg in this pictures ha..ha gosh and some of my extra small size dress can't no longer fit in my body as it grown all over me and it's kinda stressed me sometime LOL.
Just now as i'm looking for a dress to wear, I found my extra small T-shirt and also mini skirts which I almost forgotten as those day it dont fit me anymore so i stop wearing it,  and today I decided to grab on it and try to wear it at home as I wanna know if i really did lose some weight  ROFL, guess what?? 

now I can fit on it back yay!! finally I manage to reach my target!!  which is number #3 wink's I was like dreaming of number #2 shape but it's like too skinnylicious and remind me of my skeleton moment those day's ha..ha..ha.. Thank's to fasting month i manage to control my eating appetite, unlike those day's even though i skipped meal but it's  still hard to lose some weight don't know why LOL.

August 9, 2012
my old dress which is extra small and back then i cant seems to fit on this anymore oOoo.. it feels great when knowing that i could wear this again yeahhh!! i'm totally grinning like a witch now, anyhow if you asked me what's my weight now?? I don't know cause I didn't bother to weigh my self like I use to before all I care is be healthy say bye - bye to chubby me *grind*.

Old pix - Jan 28. 2011
One more thing I manage to quit drinking baileys and also cocktails
for half years now no wonder now my tummy gone already ha..ha..ha

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Small Kucing said...

Looking great :)

Anonymous said...

Dear zaarah,
Im "the ancient one"

Just came to let drop my blessing on your page, i love it and really admire the beauty of your work, i know tat you will grow from strength to strength, keep it up and may the light of the everlasting dragon guide your way......DRAGON FOREVER........

Anonymous said...

Its me again lol none other that the dragon master, oh well i dont think you're that fat, sometime a lil meat on the bones is good, but on the other hand if you wanna cut cost you gotta keep the slim thing weight to fit the dress, anyway you're perfect and there isnt any need to worry about being extra large, for me the jazzy girl is just perfect in any version.

~ The ancient one ~
~ Legend of the enchanted lake ~

Jarryd said...

Looking great Jasmin , like the figure timeline , but dont see fat on you ? good blog post...

Navaneetham Krishnan said...

Great shape Ms and you are looking stunning as usual. I am also quite particular about my weight and try my best to maintain it.

Anonymous said...

No 2!!!

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