Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Camwhore with my Babykitty and MikeyTheLigraCAT

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Mikey grew up so well!!! Just look at the big changed on him?? he used to be so small before and now he looks like a baby ligra!! LION + WHITE TIGER that's what my bestfriend from trinidad call him!! HAHAHAHA..
My funny pictures with my babykitty!! awhhh.. she was still small in this pictures..
And here's my baby latest pictures!! No edit - edit, my kitty say's IAMS original!! ooppp's I want some IAMS pleaseeeeeeeeee.... ROFL OH yeah, my babykitty like usual she never changed as she stay maintain as always forever young baby kuchi -kuchi!!! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Looking at the food's I learned to cooked recently it makes me very happy!!

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This is what i made today just by looking at the food i learned to cooked these day's it makes me very happy and I can't stop smiling. I'll imagine myself someday, I can do better than this!! he..he
Curry chicken cooked with coconut milk and potatoes!!

Mix vegetables cooked with oyster sauce umph I love vege..
This one i made for tea time cucur ikan bilis with onions... I'm lovin' it~~!!

Hopefully next time i can cooked more dishes like thai food, and western i'm gonna learn how to made pasta too!! also not to forget a malaysian dishes, And once i learned everything i'm gonna start learning how to baked a cake and make a dessert too yay!! Then what next to learned beside from cooking?? I'll think of something to occupied my time.  :-) 

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