Monday, January 28, 2013

My menu for dinner seafood mee hoon and sotong hitam

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This is what i made for my dinner seafood mee hoon. My first made and thanked god the taste turned out sooo yummy!! I love how it's taste almost same like singapore mee hoon that's what my sissy said HAHAHA..  I enjoy cooking my own food this day that's what i've been doing for my time passed.  

This dishes called sotong hitam =D it's my sissy favorite she told me to teach her how to cooked this dish, oh ya.. the picture above she made it following my recipe ROFL.  She told me earlier that she really want to learned how to make this she said  ( mana tahu nanti esok akak busy kerja atleast dah tahu cara buat macam mana he..he ) Well done sissy i love that spirits!! keep it up.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

My menu for today sweet and sour chicken!!

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I've done some cooking today he..he cooking experiment in the kitchen again and guess what did I cooked for dinner...?? I made sweet and sour chicken yummy!! My first experiment and never fail hahaha thanked god for it. 

My sister said she love it!! she love how it taste and how it cooked. At first she didn't want to eat due to she was still full with the food I cooked for lunch today. 

Then while i'm cooking the above meal, I told her to try how is it and guess what she said..?? YUMMY!!! can I have some of it sissy..?? OH sure why not dearie. HAHAHA.


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