Friday, November 16, 2012

Testing 1,2,3 LOL I'm a headless Mars Mell-0

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I bought this last few day's but only got the time to blog it today, i'm not really into posting what clothes I like to wear and just bought or so on, but kinda love this design a very sophisticated not so sexy just simply nice and look's elegant that's what matters most. Because to me you dont have to show half of your flesh into the public eyes just to want to have those "sexy look" sometime a woman is more beautiful and prettier when they wear those dress with elegant design and yes i dislikes too exposed type of clothing and because i'm tired of wearing those kind of clothes sometime changes is good.  Enough with gothic style dark eyeliner, and fishnet stoking short skirt and tube the only thing that cover me is the lether jacket that i always have with me it have become one of my favorite thingy those days, accesories and tonque piercing and eyebrow piercing name the thing and stuff that a young teenagers love to do these day's I'm actually one of the kind.

That kind of person that break the rules of all the rules, and now I have learned why rules is created in our life and for the human right's there are law and rules to follow and we cannot simply break it, for without it people would destroy each other and there is nothing to be worried about cause there are no rules and so life would lost it's meaning and imagine yourself living in a place that there has no boundries. I also have learned an important lesson from breaking some rules in my whole entire lifetime I finally begin to learned how to follow the rules and understand it deeply. 

HAHAHA, well a NAUGHTY GIRL HAS GONE DECENT NOW.  Anyway  i always try to be positive and for all i know no matter what a person is wearing on their skin never, never misjudge a person by their style or clothing sometime people do those thing cause it's the thing that make them feel good about theirselves. As long as they are not naked.  :-)

What do you think..?? is the dress suit me or not..?? 

Ooooh yeah I'm a headless Mars Mell-0 because of the pics and caption I attached here is headless, and only people who keep their head knows and understand all my headless caption, all word's that has been written i do thing's without using my head sometime incredible huh...?? Don't asked me where's my head, I'm headless and because I wont show my head to brainless people, I'm headless and to interact with brainless people is useless, and wasting time, unless they can give me some benefit and income in understanding it do fine to me and only then i can be headless and brainless with them but i'm not gonna cracked my head into some brainless issues.

Head is the greatest tool of ME, Head also mean to carry on, Head is another definition of to lead ahead  to itself to keep on living and exist even it can only be seen in some headless writings. The reason to why I only show my head to people who know how to use their head and keep half of their head like me ROFL and I love planet MARS but that does not mean I'm a UFO or ALIEN I love planet MARS  since the scientist of NASA once said that MARS is the next planet for human being to continue their lives when the earth is gone, believe it or not...?? NO..?? leave it to ripleys believe it or not!!

Well that's what an intelligence people once had predicted and said. That's why now i'm a MARS Mell-0 the headless and I'm keeping my head  for me to use at the planet MARS and reborned again.

ME not brainless like  A, E, I, O~~~ Oooo Choice on!!!
I wish i'm not as stupid as U.

Mars Mell-0 physics quotes for today - A brain is A brain, A head is A head. Head is formed by skull It become a Head.  Brain is formed by..?? dot dot dot look like a WORMS inside the Head,  no Head no Brain  then Brain is what.. = So  Brainless and wasted without  Head.  HAHAHA

I am what I am. Your actions in my head, my head here in my hands with something circling inside. I have no name for what circles so perfectly.  
القديمة روح ساه ريس

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Definisi Senyum

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Senyum - Duka dan penuh lara.

Senyum - Kerana kebahagiaan.

Senyum - Dalam diam tapi dalam hati
penuh dengan kemarahan dan dendam.

Senyum - Juga boleh di bahagikan ke beberapa definisi. 

Pernakah anda beri segelintir masa anda untuk cuba memahami dan perhatikan senyuman yang diukir oleh seseorang yang kebetulan senyum dengan kamu.

Adakah senyuman mereka itu sama indahnya seperti senyuman yang kita lihat dengan mata atau ada erti tersembunyi disebalik senyum itu. 

TIDAK semua senyuman yang diukir itu kerana kegembiraan.
Kadang kala mungkin juga seseorang itu senyum sebab ada erti lain disebaliknya.
#Reisha Myeiszell#

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