Friday, September 21, 2012

Essence of life every moment teaches new lesson

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Tadaaaa here i am back posting to my blog but only for today cause i been pretty busy lately and didn't have much to blog about thing's i been doing. He..he i guess it's better that way the blog need to rest down for awhile and so i won't have any headache about my activity and progress being stalked by a stalker.

I learn alot of things lately and i feel very inspired about it, also i am happy to know that sometime giving up something you really obsessed of doing for the good things is worth it.

For instance chatting, and blogging and internet life which had become apart of my daily activity those day, but i give it up awhile and because i have more important things to do and learn and see through beyond things which i hadn't notice to take time to see before because of the thing that block my mind from doing it as there was a time i thought i would never make it but i never give up on fixing my failure i try and i try until i finally solve some of it and accomplished two of my mission and mindset yay!!

I failed once and that was the biggest failure that i must face and learn but after thinking about it hell yah, failure makes me stronger and i finally understand that sometimes we have to see failure in order to see the greatness and success. 

-Essence of life every moment teaches new lesson..-
  that's what i've learn from it, and here i am now smiling and happy apart of being happy for myself.

I'm happy about so many thing's like helping my besty fixing her love life and now she finally met someone for the good and she is happily in love with her prince charming yeah, and she thanked me for all the advice i given to her she also said if it's not me talking to her all the time she's down and confused she would never understand a thing about how to settle her problem, I feel touched in many ways and i wish her happiness  will stay long with the one she love forever and for always. 

"Thank you GOD for blessing me much more than I deserve"

I'm feeling good
I'm feeling positive
I'm feeling blessed
I'm feeling determined
I'm feeling inspired
I'm feeling courageous
I'm feeling happy 
I'm feeling lucky
I'm feeling that it's worth all the wait
thing's happen for a better reason!!

I'm praying in my heart for that moment
I will get there soon!! I believe in my vision, mission, and myself..

Most of all I believe in you GOD. Gratitude.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I love wedges - red and black!!

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Love the design though i can say it's the first time i bought this kinda type of heel's Oop's wedges i mean. He..he it's comfortable. Next time i'm gonna buy more wedges in different design wink's wink's. What make me love this is when i walked my feet dont feel tired or pain unlike when i'm wearing heels my feet get tired easily. =D


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