Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sing-K at REDBOX THE CURVE with Babyuko Hanagata

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Babyuko say's let's camwhore first before we enter redbox, Then i'll asked her why?? she said see inside there too dark lor.. pictures will come out so blurrrrr ha..ha..ha..ha
She don't know about this picture's my sister curi - curi snap it LOL
First time sing-k together until voice gone gosh!! I really have fun and so do her though at first she's a bit shy to grab the mic and sing but I told her common don't be shy it's not that we often come here and sing a long lalalala.. ROFL she laugh at me and said okay your turn first let's sing all evanesance song!! The deal is on baby I love evanesance song too HAHAHAHA first time hear her voice sing and she also first time hear my voice singing rock song a very fun outing we both had together.
She bought me a baskin robbins ice cream cake too!! awhhhh how sweet right??? Thank's sweety for remembering my birthday xoxo wish we could do this again sometime XD

Friday, June 29, 2012

Chilling with babyuko at SAKAE SUSHI THE CURVE

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June.10.2012 advance birthday celebration for me thanks sweety :)

2 years didn't met her at last on my 26th birthday I got a surprise call from her yeah finally the two of us met ha..ha..ha bila planned nak jumpa mesti tak jadi pelik betul lah, tapi bila tak planned jadi pulak omaygosh!! so this is the first pictures we both snap after few years didn't see each other!! LOL and the funny part is, I just notice that kat belakang we all ada mata mengendap HAHAHAHA..
Makan jangan tak makan... XD

My sister order this yummylicious I forget the menu name but all I can say it's a must try!!

Sashimi umph delicious me and babyuko love this so much,
we both have the same favorite awhhh!!

Sharing is caring yeah..  JOM habiskan makanan ni...
And this is for the birthday GIRL, I really love this meal cause it came along with salmon and chicken teriyaki and the soup is very tasty!! Thank's for the treats my dearest bestfriend xoxo. After this let's go sing-k until voice gone yeah, crazy mode moment with babyuko hanagata.

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