Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here I am....!!

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Whoa, It's been so long since I've last updated my blog! gosh, I miss my blog so much. But unfortunately I've been very busy these days no time to online or create new post about where I go  or so, unlike those day's everyday i'm free ha ha ha.. now?? not anymore!! DUH.. I'm fully occupied with work!! work!! work!! I wish I have  a free time to update my blog and facebook but as I said,  I really have no time to online these day :'( but I will try to came up for a new post where ever I'm free. I can't let my blog unattended just like that! you know my blog has become a part of my life all this while, Anyway to all my followers and readers thank you all for visiting my blog I deeply appreciate it.

And for my haters and stalkers?!!! stay away from my blog, get a life and stop messing with my life damn you!! hahahahaahaha..pergi mampus cepat sikit!! kepada haters-haters yang aku benci!! aku benci korang sampai korang mampus... well korang takde kerja lain ke?? selain dari menyusahkan hidup aku?? I'm sure god is always fair what you did you will get it back mark my word!! bumi ni bulat, jangan korang ingat korang akan selalu kat atas maybe hari ni hari korang bersuka ria dan bergembira esok lusa giliran aku pula ya.. So kita tunggu dan lihat aje sepandai pandai tupai melompat akhirnya akan jatuh ketanah juga.

Well in this world nobody is perfect right? and i believe no matter how hard sometime's life can be there will always a better tomorrow for me!! cause I am a human which I dont disturb others, but when it come's to my part if you'll messed with me then be ready to face the most evil person that you happened to get to know in your whole entire life!!

I'm evil yes, yes,yes,yes, yes, yes, what the heck and why you care?? about my life?? it's my life better watch out your life rather than judging people who do you think you are??

Baguslah sangat fucked!! berlagak aje lebih MCB!! Aku benci dan paling pantang betul kalau orang suka laga - lagakan orang lain atas kepuasan diri mereka sendiri hell man, who do you think you are? I'm not your properties I have my own right to speak out whatever I want to say here in my blog kalau tak suka suka baca dan tak suka tengok apa yang aku post jangan visit blog ni, pergi berambus dan mampus blah la weiiiiiiiii.. :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chillaxing at meritus pelangi beach and resort

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Taadaa.. I love it when the wind blew my hair messily LOL. 

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