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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A kitty cat who knows yoga!!

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The most funniest pixies of baby kitty I have ever. 

 Wanna know a secret?

Besides from eating cake kitty now upgraded her taste to eating a chocolates!! 
ha ha ha but kitty only eat those white chocolates.

ZOMG... I'm lucky to have a smart kitty cat why did i said this?

I can't tell here it's secret myhun sure will be very mad at me if i say it here..ROFL

Friday, March 4, 2011

kitty the cutest in action!!

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My kitty know how to stand awhhh and she's rolling on the floor saying meow - meow I guess she is missing someone who ya?? I made this video for my sis hope she like it LOL cause she gonna miss this baby so much.. HAHAHA

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kitty say's : what are you looking at?

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That is actually not her food it's a sand for kitty to cover her pooop!!

the purple color is smell like a lavender and the pink one is smell like jasmine

but dont smell it when the poop is inside ha.ha..ha coz it will smell like *shi*t.
Clothes for baby kitty!!
and here is the out come tadaa!! my phat little shorty ROFL..
Nice spot's ha..ha..ha we didn't put her there me and my sis was watching TV suddenly when my sis searching for her, there she is sitting and staring at me and my sis LOL.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Peek - a - boo

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Baby is slapping her second master face, she want's to play hide-and-seek ROFL
Peek-a-boo chaaaaak!!! =D

Sleeping beauty

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Sleeping beauty do not disturb she know's i'm taking her pictures that's why she showing her cute face, she like to camwhore.. LOL

nampak macam betul aje tengah tidur tapi tak tidur pun dia pura - pura tidur adalah..

Look at that face?? she's not actually sleeping she just pretending to sleep ha..ha

Monday, January 17, 2011

Watch out the eyes!!

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kitty on the black.. yo what's up..
watch out the eyes!!
Just like mine ROFL whatever..

Baby kitty on the field

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Kitty first video he..he..he she's playing with the toys i bought for her yaay!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


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My baby kitty is a photogenic baby awwhh..
1..2..3 you better dont BLINK!! "camwhore kejap" rawrrrrrrh ha ha ha..
She look so cute right??? like a baby lion =D

Just for baby kitty!!

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SO.. tired went to shopping at pets wonderland mid valley just now I buy some toy's and stuff for baby kitty only for my baby huggy huggy love..
Voyageur travel bag
this bag too so pink!! he he he i bought this so i can bring her "kai kai" at the garden once awhile every afternoon so that she wont be bored with her master ROFL.

Baby kitty is a special baby.. We love her very much..
wow, all this toy's and stuff are for my baby kitty hopefully she like it and happy to have this from her master or else I take all back kitty I'm just kidding!!
It's kitty diapers ROFL don't mind the pictures coz it can also be use for a cat aswell.
and I bought baby kitty a cribs and "DuoMax" look's cool right? it's an auto refill yaay!!

Thank's sweethuns..

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome to our home sweet home!!

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Guess what?? I have a baby hun given a baby in one day but how did i gave birth ROFL!! ha..ha..ha by the way don't get us wrong okay? actually my hun give me a baby kitty that's what we called her. We bought baby kitty from the pet shop just today i didn't expect that he would really bought me a cat cause once he did told that he don't really like to keep a pet but today i guess he change his mind and he himself get me this pet and allowed me to keep baby kitty at home. I'm so happy today he make me smile and i still cannot believe that i have a pet now!!! Why do we called our pet baby kitty?? at first i wanna name the pet as lolita but it's sound so odd then i try calling her dorita cause i like doraemon and nobita very much and one more thing dorita is a two name combination i just thought that i could give her that name but when i call her with that name she doesn't even want to look at me ha ha ha. So my last try is baby kitty i just think that name are suit for her cause afterall she still a small baby he he he i called her twice with that name and she look at me LOL so i said to myself that's it final decision is made her name will be baby kitty from now on, well i think it's kinda cute name for a persian cat.
Masa beli kucing ni tadi ada pulak pak arab nak kucing ni dia nak beli juga GF dia tanya mell berapa kucing ni mell kata kucing ni tak jual mell baru nak beli kucing ni nak bawak balik. Dia kata NO, dia pun nak kucing ni juga dia nak bagi kat GF dia so mell pun jawap balik mana boleh sebab kucing ni kitorang dapat dulu dengan rasa hampa pak arab tu pun belah ha ha ha sebelum dia belah dia nak tenangkan hati GF dia , dia siap kata takpe you want cat i give you hundreds of cat dont worry yuckkkkks!!! macam la dia nak beli betul - betul kata sales girl tu kadang diorang ni belagak aje lebih tak suka betul boleh dia ingat mell ni jual kucing?? LOL nasib baik my hun tak dengar kalau tak kena pak arab tu dengan my hun baru padam muka dia.

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